your ebookEvery week I do a free eBook review in one of my blogs.

My reviews are posted in Spanish and are ideal if you want to attract some interest from the Spanish speaking communities in different countries.

These reviews are followed by my readers both in Facebook and LinkedIn.

I can also put the same review in English in Amazon or in any other venue that you use to sell your eBook.

My eBook reviews are mostly for the Children’s, Young Adult and Self Help genres.

Why would you need a free eBook review? I can answer that with a another question: When was the last time you bought an eBook with no reviews? All of us tend to judge a book by the reviews it has. We read them to find out if this is a book for us. And, like it or not, we all look at the number of stars given to the eBook. If it has several 5 stars reviews, we are more likely to buy it. If it only has 1 or 2 stars reviews, the chances of that eBook ever being sold again are very slim.

When looking for an eBook on a certain subject in Amazon, readers can arrange their searches according to the number of stars on the reviews. That means that if your work has no reviews or very low reviews, it may never show up in the searches.

Moreover, some sites will not talk about your book if it only has bad reviews or no reviews at all. So it sometimes looks like a catch-22! How to get reviews if you have no reviews?

Those are just some of the reasons to get a free eBook review.

Here are some comments if you want to have your eBook featured in my blog:

  • I mostly read children’s, Young Adults and Self-Help books. If you have written something different, you can still contact me, but it may be more difficult to have your work shown here.
  • Don’t send me your eBook right away. Let’s confirm first that I can do the review for your eBook and that you are comfortable with the publication date of my blog post.
  • Once we have agreed on doing the free eBook review and the date of publication, I will need a digital copy of your eBook.
  • As said before, I can post the review both in English and Spanish, and I will promote it in Facebook and LinkedIn.
  • This is a free service; in exchange I only ask you to like my Facebook page and promote my blog and my translation services with your friends and colleagues.

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