Translate your eBook into Spanish 

You wrote your book because you wanted to reach as many readers as possible… Yet, it is published in only one language. 

My mission is to translate your eBook so that Spanish speaking people living in the US and Latin America can read your work too! I also help Latin-American authors enter the US market by translating their Spanish works into English.

If you have seen my portfolio in this site, you know by now that my passions are children’s books and motivational books. You have probably spent a long time choosing the right words in English to spread your message; I will do the same for you in Spanish and I will deliver a work that will transmit your spirit to new markets.

If you need a true collaborator who is interested in your work, we can discuss your project. If you have a tight budget, there may be options we can work out to translate your book.

If you are interested, contact me today to find out how we can translate your eBook into Spanish.

If you want to contact me to discuss your project, you can contact me at joseluis at (the domain of this website) I will be happy to reply to you.