Michael Soward

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Joe Cortes and Carla Varela are extremely talented, gifted, translators in Spanish. 

They've just finished translating and editing my book and the manuscript  has been delivered to me with the highest level of quality and timeliness. I'm forever grateful to them.

I don't believe you will find a better translator and editor in Spanish duo.

Hey, grab them while you can!

Michael Soward
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Avril O´Reilly
Children's writer

Thanks Joe Cortes for bringing Mexico to Ireland.

The first thing that struck me about Joe was how he gently advised me not to use Google Translate. I was very impressed that he did not want me wasting money.

I knew that a translation done by a human being would be better than one done by a computer but I have been delighted by how much fun and how enriching it has been.

I learned from Joe about how Spanish in Latin America is different from the European. I learned about Mexico’s culture and landmarks. Joe sent me images to inspire my drawings. He sent pictures of costumes, churches, volcanoes and of the fabulous Virgen de Guadalupe surrounded by Castilian roses and spiky rays of sunshine.

Joe worked hard to make sure he was understanding and then translating the Irish details properly. He even shared his own memories of his First Communion day. I realised that even though my book is set in an Irish city, children in Latin America will be able to identify with the ideas in it. Annoying younger siblings and kindly grannies are universal. 

Joe really made me feel that Latino children might get a laugh out of my book.

Rosemary Rivera
Co-Creator, Writer, Publisher

To call working with Joe Cortes a blessing seems dramatic, but it truly has been. Joe's assistance on translating our children's book, "The Girl Who Couldn't Draw", was invaluable. His professionalism, expertise, respect for the material are only a few of the wonderful things about working with Joe. As a person he is warm, caring and collaborative, going above and beyond to ensure the end result is a product one can be truly proud of and a representation of the original work that stands as strong in Spanish as it does in English. To be able to issue our books in Spanish means a lot to us, and we're so grateful that Joe's amazing work will help make this happen.

Susan Keefe

Author, Editor, Book Reviewer

I discovered Translate your ebook (formerly known as Publica tu ebook) on the web and approached Joe Cortes regarding having my children’s book "The Chicken Patrol" translated into Spanish, as I felt it would appeal to the Spanish market.
He requested that I send him the English text and I received back, very efficiently, a professional and accurate translation of it into neutral Latin American Spanish.
To assist me with my promotion, he also provided me with some marketing text in Spanish, and wrote an excellent blog entry, capturing perfectly the essence of my book.
I would like to highly recommend Translate your ebook for their professional, friendly and prompt service and will definitely use them in the future.

Deborah Eve Alastra,
Illustrator / Painter / Book Cover and Surface Design

Joe Cortes has translated several of my children's books. He is a joy to work with; providing the highest quality of native translation one could ask for with a fluent knowledge of Spanish and English; He is highly organized, hard working, reliable, flexible and courteous. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him for any simple to complicated translation project. I hope to work with him more in the future.

Tina Frisco


Joe Cortes is a talented and engaging book reviewer, with a flair for accurately and succinctly capturing the essence of a story. He draws in the reader with poignant reflections on contemporary society, then compares and contrasts these with the author's theme, storyline, and characters. This is a compelling approach to a book review, because it engages the reader in contemplation before introducing the author's work, which captures one's interest and subtly encourages reading the review in its entirety. It also moves the reader to consider buying the book, where they otherwise might not have given it a first glance.
His blog at Translate your eBook is a pleasure to read. Joe is not only an excellent wordsmith, but also an intriguing storyteller in his own right.
I highly recommend Joe Cortes to any author seeking a review worthy of their hard work.

Ann (Ana) Morris

Award-Winning Author at Ann Morris, Bilingual Children's Author

Joe Cortes is a professional book reviewer. I submitted my children's books "Mommy and Mikel Go for a Walk" and "Mikel y Mami dan un paseo" for his objective review without knowing what he would think. I was very pleased to learn that he had understood everything in the books that I had intended to relay. My books are not merely children's stories, but they carry a message. I am so pleased that he is bilingual and comfortably read the Spanish version as well as the English version and not only provided me with a professional review of each, but has given me professional feedback as well. Thank you, Joe and Translate your eBook for your wonderful service!